Guinea Pig T-Shirt  
   A t-shirt for guinea pigs to wear!!  Fits a guinea pig with a waist measurement of 9" when measured just behind their front legs.  Two colors to choose from: solid red or white with red trim.  Measure your guinea pig before ordering a t-shirt to make sure it will stay on your guinea pig.  Great for Hairless guinea pigs (baldwins & skinny pigs") or any guinea pig!

Keep your guinea pig warm while taking it to the vet or a trip to the pet store, etc.  Bottom back part of coat is open for your guinea pig to "potty" without getting the coat dirty.  Stays on your guinea pig while walking around if your guinea pig is approx. the same size as my guinea pig model (8-9" from back of ears to bottom, 10-11" waist).  
 Coat for guinea pigs
$8 US Dollars  
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Guinea pig Clothes      

Pink Leopard print coat  $14 US Dollars
Blue Camouflage coat  $14 US Dollars
Green Camouflage coat  $14 US Dollars
White Leopard print coat  $14 US Dollars

Guinea pig Dresses $13 each
Yellow ladybug dress
Halloween dress (Scarecrows with Pumpkins) $13